The Expansion of Women’s Sport in Australia – SRi Breakfast Series

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Recently SRi hosted breakfasts in Sydney and Melbourne to discuss the challenges and opportunities emerging from the expansion of women’s sport in Australia.

It is an exciting time in the evolution of professional sport for females, with new initiatives launching and more exposure than ever before. The discussions at both events highlighted common themes among codes, be they frustrations or successes, and how through a mix of dedicated community development and commercial savvy, women’s sport is set for further expansion.

Celebrating success and preparing for the future

We have seen some incredible milestones in women’s sport in the past year that should be celebrated; salaries getting close to the men, a surge of new sponsors, new products coming to market with league and teams being established with big broadcasting deals, gender neutral sports equipment such as cricket bats, equal pay committed to by the ARU, Rebel Sports pursuing women only ranges and so on.

No one can predict what the future will bring for women’s sport in Australia, but through
SRi’s twenty years in the global sports industry (six in Australia) we can proudly say that
there are so many areas Aussie’s are ahead of other regions, particularly in fields like high performance, marketing and membership.

Women’s sport in Australia is in great health. This is not an overnight revolution, but something
that the industry worked hard to achieve over many years. Australia can be proud of how it
is leading the world in innovation and opportunity.

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