Executive Search

Leadership quality is the key determinant of organisational success.

Diversity is a key element of performance and is a priority in every assignment. SRI’s FACTSM candidate evaluation methodology mitigates bias in the hiring process.

You benefit from SRI’s deep sector insight pooled from a collaborative global team of industry operators and agile approach to addressing your specific needs and dynamics. Our commitment does not end when we place a candidate. We offer complimentary onboarding support to accelerate the successful candidate’s integration.

SRI’s candidate evaluation methodology – FACT

Creates superior executive search outcomes

With surprising regularity, high-profile industry executives are leaving their posts prematurely at enormous cost to their organisations.

SRI created FACTSM to drive rigorous, objective evaluation of candidates’ Functional Accomplishments (what they’ve done) and Competency Traits (how they’ve done it) which together indicate their ability to fulfil future role requirements.

Guards against bias and promotes diversity

FACTSM supports the structured measurement and rigour needed to minimise implicit bias in candidate evaluation. FACTSM guards against the potential for ‘fit’ becoming a proxy for ‘similar to us’.

SRI’s commitment to proactive research and sourcing of networks for under-represented groups, uncovers the broadest set of potential qualified candidates for executive search mandates.

Functional expertise

We recruit leaders for:

  • C-Suite & Board
  • Marketing
  • Digital
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Commercial & Sales
  • Human Resources

Our process

SRI’s rigorous, consistent search process – driven by FACT℠ – supports superior outcomes

Defining your business requirements for the hire

Search strategy
Shaping the search and targeting strategy to ensure the broadest set of potential candidates

Candidate evaluation
Research and engaging with diverse networks

Presentations and interviews
FACTSM presentation of candidates

Offer and close
Thorough references and offer facilitation

Complimentary onboarding support offered

Diversity review and client & candidate feedback

What our clients say

"SRI is the one executive search firm, which truly understands the creative industries and the individuals who can flourish in these cultural and dynamic work environments. "

Simon Robson
President, International

"Strategic is the word that best characterizes SRI. They take the time to truly understand the businesses they work with and it shows in the quality of their recruiting. "

David Krajicek
Chief Executive Officer

"The professional sports’ world is all about creating and sustaining high performance cultures. The ingredients for that centre on finding, developing and retaining great people. "

Mark McCafferty
Chief Executive Officer

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