A message to our community

Jim Chaplin, Chief Executive Officer

2020 has brought with it immense tragedy including the shocking deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. Rightly, the world woke up to the scale of injustice and inequality that exists, and is feeling a powerful responsibility to act.

We understand that conscious and unconscious bias has created structural and social barriers impeding the advancement and engagement of marginalised people within society and the labour market.

SRI exists because of our passion for driving individual, team and organisational performance. Diverse and inclusive teams are fundamental to this. SRI’s company values (Proactive Collaboration, Dynamic Engagement, Talent Focused and Expert Delivery) centre around inclusion and we are committed to making sure our culture and processes are aligned to this.

We are permanently invested in learning, growing and driving effective change to ensure that inclusivity is built into every element of our business operations. To every individual in a minority community, every employee, client, candidate and partner, we know there is much more to do, and we are committed to doing more.

These are actions we have taken, and are taking:

  1. Establish an internal diversity, equity and inclusion taskforce, which, in partnership with DEI experts Peoplism, are shaping the firm’s DEI strategy, objectives and action plans. We are using an external assessment to create a sustainable, long-term roadmap.
  2. Establish ongoing training and development plans which drive awareness, foster inclusion and guard against unconscious bias and promote ally-ship.
  3. Evolving our executive search processes to ensure that they are promoting diversity in every assignment.
  4. SRI’s candidate evaluation methodology (FACTSM) centres around objective measurement and rigor minimizing implicit bias. This helps open doors for qualified candidates that might not look like or think like the rest of the team.
  5. ‘Promotes Diversity and Inclusion’ is a core competency trait within SRI’s evaluation methodology.
  6. Our clients rate SRI’s performance specifically regarding diversity of the candidate pool we present in our feedback process.
  7. We are collecting, and will publish, D&I data (in accordance with local laws) to promote inclusivity, track progress against goals we are developing and to provide an objective measure of our progress.
  8. Every employee has the opportunity to spend 3-5 days per year supporting charitable organisations who promote diversity, inclusion, development and social mobility.

Everyone is welcome here at SRI. If you’re driven to perform with a commitment to diversity and inclusion, you’re one of us.